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Track Name: Escape
TWW4N: Escape

In the beginning I could have been loved
But instead I was judged
For then man I've become
Ran and I run. Laugh and I hug
Live under pressure, but never give up

Huff and I puff, but never enough
To enter the center of that what I know
Is holding me down, so open me now
Dig me a whole and follow me down

One for the angle, one for the slide
Two for the window, one for the lie
Three for the overwhelming and deforming as morning awakes and I open my eyes
I hope I survive and I know that I will
'Cause I grow everytime that I focus on dying
As long as I make it right over this hill
There'll be more time for me to start climbing

Planet flat, living in the edge
Guess it's not the end of the world but I dig that hole
Like a miserable criminal stuck in a prison cell
It'll be difficult finding a window
if I keep believing that I am so little
special, full of potential
every peddle that I pluck,
she loves me not,
Track Name: Drousy Dreamer
TWW4N: Drousy Dreamer


I am happy right now
Not afraid of dying
Drousy Dreamer on the pathway to what is trying to find me.
You cannot hurt.
Kick me in the teeth
I love you—that’s all.

I am happy right now-
Im not afraid of dying
Drousy Dreamer on the pathway to what is trying to find me.
You cannot harm me
Kick me in the teeth
I love you—that’s all.

Now I'm not exactly sure what name to give
The mechanism that governs the sensitivity chain reactors of anger,
But I do know that they can be shut off
And if I was lying to you,
I would of told you something different
And claimed to have never made another human being feel like less of a person
By trying to define their god
Never judge the degree to which another creature suffers
Understand that most if not all conflict has to do with the peace of mind
Of your mother.

Hate isn’t an option, it’s a choice
I find myself hating something
And I don’t even know why
But I am a void
I have avoided the moment of silence by fighting noise
And tried to hold a candle to a light that breathes life into me each time
I relive the cloudy eyed
Sighs I cried as a boy
My mind is a toy
I found that out the hard way
I let something play with it
They took it apart
And didn’t put it back together
My way.

I am happy right now
Not afraid of dying
Drousy Dreamer on the pathway to what is trying to find me.
You cannot hurt.
Kick me in the teeth
I love you—that’s all.

I am happy right now-
Im not afraid of dying
Drousy Dreamer on the pathway to what is trying to find me.
You cannot harm me
kick me in the teeth
I love you—that’s all.

I believe in you
But I do not believe you.
Every attempt to communicate lies is a story teller
Trying to be truth
But whats the use in crying over spilt milk
The results the same each time
Me saying Im sorry after trying to kill guilt
through breaking walls instead of building shelter
Chasing him, instead of helping her
That night under the streetlight
He decided to try and take it from her
Now you can try to tell me I'm too fond of missing Joy
But I refuse to overlook the beauty that has been beyond what fixing can destroy.

She was five
She told me everything's alright
She looked me directly in the eyes and proclaimed nothing ever dies.
She's been here three times
The indigo child's smile glows in a way that keeps me open
As she reads between like she knows it's time.

I am happy right now
Not afraid of dying
Drousy Dreamer on the pathway to what is trying to find me.
You cannot hurt.
Kick me in the teeth
I love you—that’s all.

I am happy right now-
Im not afraid of dying
Drousy Dreamer on the pathway to what is trying to find me.
You cannot harm me
Kick me in the teeth
I love you—that’s all.

I say I don’t want have- to reinvent-the wheel
She says it's okay
Just put your own spin on it, they’ll never know
Its just as real
I say what about the ones who call me a biter and show teeth
She says always feed a hungry mouth
Make them chew harder, please
Train yourself to know the difference between what the tounge wants
And what the heart needs
And if its blood they want to see,
Convince them there is a better way for you both to bleed
But either way, you are what you eat
So even if they eat you
Just know that you can never be freer than you already are me
And I see through particles of stars in galaxies
You’ve yet to dream of
But you're closer than you’ve ever been
To completing your journey—into out-of-body freedom
Where searching is unheard of
And you no longer are trying to find love
Because you just be love
You are just being love floating around
With other parts of the whole
Who are just being love-never feeling sheltered or deserted
Abandoned or lost
In the past
You’ve felt like a person
But you’ve become the seed of god
And at last fear is what humanity I fear has been grounded to
You must continue to trust in yourself
And see the beauty in everything that you’ve ever amounted to
Now be love. Be love. Now be love. Now be love.

I am happy right now
Not afraid of dying
Drousy Dreamer on the pathway to what is trying to find me.
Track Name: BeMeTooConfused
TWW4N: BeMeTooConfused

(Children in the background)

I feel what’s beneath my feet every time I spin around
Fast enough to touch my teeth to the clouds and please the sky.
Rock bottoms never easy but at least I tried
To reach the top of what has beat me into pieces all my life
Your conviction in destructive angles makes me paralyzed
The airy breathe you burry deep invaded sterile paradise
Out inside I shout and yell and scream so loud the silence sleeps with one eye
Open feed the doubt until belief can free emotion out.

The deepest sea mixed with bleech will bleed all over everything
Atleast you had the decency to make believe in making love
I am empty
It's okay, cuz I know that you’re empty too
And life is full of beautiful mistakes that help me see you new
I’d like to see you through to the other side
But the older form that you possess disguised in flesh deceived my eyes
My mind is made of matter.
I know its doesn’t matter.
There’s no denying that the tears taste like faulty chain reactions.

I bow to queen
Who believes in service
But who has no servants cuz she sees the people when their hurting
And what's the use in fighting when you’re already hurt and your forced to hide from
What you know you truly don’t deserve.

The sky is never clear
When you're born with cloudy eyes and thrown into a world
Where fear becomes a motive to survive
I really would of liked to enjoy the ride with you
But instead I stayed behind with the boy
Cause I was tired
I never should of played with toys
To avoid the issue that grows everytime I cultivate the soil trying to fix you.

Why are you still caught in winter, summers here
So shut your eyes
Butterflies will always dissapear
To keep our love alive.
For time is only wasted
When justified by reasons head
Guilt is only useful if it turns into a peaceful death
I leave a mess and abandon obligation
Like it’s a secret
Each breathe is just one step closer toward the absence of completion.

Ill tell you a secret
If you promise not to keep it
Every label you’ve been given
Is a shadow drowning in denial
Paddle slower swallow anecdote , clozapine, lithium
Sorta social gram jammed in opinion
Smile quarter hour past due date.

Due to the abuse and the overuse of toothache
Don’t forget about the root, skip stem
Now give me that, Jack...
Listen hear sucker
Give your pills and slick measuring stick to another
Back to the point at hand
Yes, I’ve been better so I won’t be back
Now chase me out of this institute
with a bottle of guilt and your lonely trap

Im through
Everyone of you has done nothing but manipulate me
And make me think that I can not survive
In the outside world that I once knew
but now that you try to see me
You try to make my doubt grow, grew
But that is not the way that you’re suppose to handle it
So now that you can see the flame
Do you understand the candles lit
Yes it is, don’t ever try to test your evidence to me
Because your measuring stick is not what I am looking at
Blame Blame
I blame the rest of us for the evidence that messed us up
And gave us this whole method of defense mechanism that we never trust
So be on your way
Be who I wish you’d be so I can be me and be free
Where I am
When I look in and out its always the same thing
Now leave me alone
Let me go and leave me
Come back, I love you mom and dad
But everytime you visit me
Company turns back into the point of the perspective that I had
The day that the chemicals inside
My head went crazy and made me mad.

Sometimes It does make me wonder
How long humanities been in a state of mutation
Waiting for mother nature to nurture her baby
And give it the proper you name
It, information
Wrong information
Never had a flotation device

Will we ever see shore again
Cause I know land underneath these feet
Would feel so nice
Pangaea, please don’t leave us
We have done everything under the sun
To forget who we are
Or where we are or going
Why it is we are here or where we came from.

And I’m better
Betting on faith
Then hiding away
And pressing force
Quit there’s always a lesson to be learned
Plus here no escaping primal
Reality reinforcements
No matter which direction you turn.

She says that she can sense the storm
Before it even starts to pour and I believe her
Im a sucker for the thunder and its' roar.
He says that he can sense the storm
Even when its sunny out
And she believes him too-
So they keep feeding one another’s doubt.

But no one believes them
And that’s their biggest obstacle
They fell in love in a hospital bed
Anything’s possible.
Track Name: Crystal Clear
TWW4N: Crystal Clear

Now it's crystal clear
You never really understood the reason
I was coming was to
bounce and disappear, but I did it
And I’m proud that I found it in the clouds
But what about princess pure
Oh princess pure she’s a mixed up gear
In a clogged up engine
God’s addicted to calm withdrawal
And this I fear, this I fear
You wanna talk about fear
I can tell you bout fear
A little itty bitty something
like what’s in here
I get excited and open up
think I might have found something that’s never been touched
Then of course hmm I get too close
Get burned trying to shut it
But it just won’t close
So I suppose it's time for me to learn another lesson
That I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t adhere
To the voice that I hear In the back of my head
When I’m all on my own on a road that twists and turns
Now this concern is already old and frozen stiff
All is know it’s a gift to serve and the distance within
What I Hope and observe is a moment
Away from going a way and poking a hole
I hope that that it works
I hope that it bursts everything apart
Until we finally understands the reason that it hurts
And hold it in the dark
Cuz the minute that we understand the reason that we’re hear
Is to focus on the spark that ignited the light that we chase every single second of the day
The reflection we make will make us
One with the stars.

And it wont seem so far away-
Almost so close
Distance is an enemy
With no heart cope with the image of a mess to clean
This is not fair
Share this with almost everything
Picture, Now Float

And who are you to tell me
I should go with the flow of life
When I know there’s a little boy
Who would die for a little bowl of rice
No one loves him
And those he love
Show him how to fight.

So he grows up,lonely and frightened
All he knows is destruction right,
Roll with the punches
Nothings rights
Its all sideways croaked and cracked,
Tangled twisted
Around angles and made to collapse
Hating my past is a mistake I'd hate to regret
Maybe death is just the way that we behave when we’re dead

But I’m not
So I got a lot of shock and I’m not ready to give up
No sir, not yet
Not until I figure out the reason that we sit and watch
It all blow up in our face
Instead making it end
Stop this conflict
Constant process over and over and over again
Till no one is friends
And no one believes we can open our flesh
Hop over the fence
Blow in the wind
Control our own fate
Nothing's gonna change
When we show no pain
Hold it all in
So it wont go away
Must dream bigger
Must stay awake
Trust me please
You’re not ugly disbelief
Someone loves me
Convince me what it is I’m running from
Cuz you’re the only one I know who knows
I know I’m not okay. I'm not okay.
Track Name: Miracle?
TWW4N: Miracle?

She sits down on the sofa
Opens up an old photo album filled with pictures and post cards.
Sent from Fred in world war two
The tears rush down her head with no where to run to.
Her grandson tugs her arm and asks her
"Grandma what’s wrong what happened to grandpa?"

The thump in her throat still wont move
And the river between her eyes starts to flow faster.
Fifteen when they met in a small town
On the outskirts of a city that was worn down.
She recalls climbing up that hill
To catch a glimpse of the world from an outside perspective.

Fred always said that he would love to teach her how to fly
But he was scared to death of what her dad would do if she died
So he held her and never let go
And they fell deep in love with each other.


Life is but a miracle
All you know is fading slow
You never know just what you have
Until it's gone over the rainbow.
He'll get better, yes he will.
He'll get better if he's loved.
She remembers the first time
He forgot who she was.

Ten hours a day at the nursing home
Fred laid in bed stayed
Fed through tubes while she would read him poems
He always told her courage is to face your fears
Even though he hadn’t recognized her aging face for years
She didn’t give in though
She knew that even though he had a hole in his brain
It wasn’t safe for him to stay alone
And every day she noticed all the roses in the vase withering away
And hoped and prayed that they would maybe grow.


Life is but a miracle
All you know is fading slow
You never know just what you have
Until it's gone over the rainbow.
He'll get better, yes he will.
He'll get better if he's loved.
She remembers the first time
He forgot who she was.

And as her grandson looked up at her
she couldn’t help to ignore her daughter and son in law
In the other room arguing about
Something that didn’t matter
She told him both not to move and picked up her husbands glasses
"Try them on."
She said.

She said
"Because Id like to share with you how your father liked to look at life."

Her daughter stubborn and sad held the glasses in her hand
So she sat them all down on the couch and this is what she said:

"Your father probably would have liked for me to tell you that the night that you were born
Was the night that he put down the bottle
If you ever get in a fight with someone you love
Know that if they died before apology you wouldn’t live to see tomorrow
Never know whats gonna come
So when it goes it goes it's hard to cope
Never run from what you know controls emotional reactions
When you take your anger out on someone else
It’s only an escape from looking inside of yourself and taking them for granted.


Life is but a miracle
All you know is fading slow
You never know just what you have
Until it's gone over the rainbow.
He'll get better, yes he will.
He'll get better if he's loved.
She remembers the first time
He forgot who she was.
Track Name: Paul Still Loves His Daughter
TWW4N: Paul Still Loves His Daughter

He said that when he dies
He wants me to flip him over
Pull the gravel from his eyes
And tell the family he was sober.
I said I couldn’t lie
But I pretend I didn’t know about the fact that it was planned
At my home the night before
He jumped off the Smith bridge or at least that was his threat
So I told him that if he wanted to fly
Why not off a big mountain?

It distracted him for long enough
That he doubted his plan of offing off himself
And so he asked me for a beer instead.
We cheered to that control
Of how he escaped his own death
Of how no one can tell him whether or not he is bi-polar,
Or an alcoholic, drug addict, or maybe just a man
Who is sad because he had a daughter who died in a crash one summer.

He was scared to tell his parents because they were Catholic.
He thought that they would judge him for the wrong that he had did.
He was scared to tell his parents cuz he thought they wouldn’t understand
Colorado 1992, loves sick !

So in search of meaning and a grand purpose to live he joined the American army
Where they train you how to kill
He learned of how they failed to mention that there may also be means
To getting hooked on shooting things
Like methanphetamines at will

He returned with money and some bad habits he couldn’t break
He fell in love and shoved the past so far under
Overwhelmed with things that placed him in a trap
And when he got home he found out that the one he loved had stole all the cash

So he had to wire money
That he borrowed from his mother
To take her off life support
Paul still loves his daughter (2x)

Oh paul still loves his daughter
Cuz just the other day
He began to cry
And tried to look the other way
And say that it must be the weather
Or the mental illness that he has
I listened the best that I could
Paul still loves his daughter.

He said that when he dies
He wants me to flip him over
Pull the gravel from the eyes
And tell the family he’s in heaven .

I asked him if he’s sure that heavens real
He said he didn't know
So I asked him if he thought his plan was a bit risky
He said he didn’t care
Because there wasn’t a chance in the world
For him to remain happy for longer than 30 seconds
I said I can’t imagine how it feels to feel so hopeless
How I hoped that he could sense that someone he loved cared for him.

Oh Paul still loves his daughter (4x)
I pulled the gravel from his eyes and told the family he's okay.
Track Name: The Trap
TWW4N: The Trap

This trap has saved my life before
What I swept under the rug
Face up lying on the floor.
That feeling like you want to die will always go away
As long you decide to stay here with me.

Please don’t slip
Don’t listen to that voice
Its isn’t yours
It's an addiction and it lives
To kill your choice.

This system is a lonely beast with gears that grind at will
But who is to say if you choose to stay that we won’t find a new way through.

And I am one of them
This I can’t deny
But I refuse to lose control
Before I look you in the eyes
And remind you
That we will never be destroyed.
And behind you is a memory is in time
That defines you and everything that you divide
By the fears multiplied by every year you’ve been alive
See, the mind is playing tricks on us most of the time
We just forget how to fix what was broken and lied to
The mind has a gun of its own
And to defy it would be like fighting for my life
Just to die on the throne

You're never right, I’m never wrong,
Two wrongs will never make it right,
And two hearts are always better than one,
That’s gone.
Once burned
Twice shy your right
I’ll never know why
You weren’t loved right
Or why they never told you you are beautiful the way you are
And on the brighter side of every scar
Is a future for the younger you to survive through.

This trap has saved my life before
What I swept under the rug
face up lying on the floor...

Please don’t slip (3x)

Don’t listen to that voice
It isn’t yours
It's an addiction and it lives
To kill your joys.

Is that your daughter?
I hope it is
Throw her out with the bathwater and watch her try to swim
It will have effects that now may seem impossible to consider
But I kid you not that she will be less likely to want to live
Knowing that her idea of a man is someone who's a quitter
Who'd rather give in and give up
Then give her something to look forward to in this life she lives
Because he couldn’t find the courage to fight for his
I know it's difficult to picture
But if you decide to leave you wont die in peace
You wont find the piece of the puzzle you're searching for
You will miss her to death
And we can find a new way through if you stay
And this may be the only choice you make
You ’ll never regret.
Now mister
mister (4x)
Its okay
We’re going to get you help
Its okay It's okay
Come here.
Track Name: Head Tripping (Feat. Eyedea)
TWW4N: Head Tripping

I wont let you in my head (4x)
I can't get you out my head (4x)
I cant kiss you you’re to dead. (4x)
You’re so messy I forgive you. (4x)

* Kristoff

If it is true that you are me
Than how can I be you
And If I am you
Then who are we
And how can we feel new.


I knew from the start that we were pushing to the end
I never felt so alive as when I realized that I was dead.


Was it selfish not to leave
Or would It have been selfish
If I had left.


Each healed wound is just a moon to help the sun undress
Make a mess miss a month martyr old silhouettes.


Take a test
Fail or flunk
Pass or fail
It's still a guess.


Naahh, I don't want to leave
If I don't want to stay
I don't want to have this conversation
If I had to be awake.


Its always been a struggle
Every puddles been a flood (flood)
Trying to build muscle
Cuddle with someone you love.


Well, cuddle with the curdled milk scab left unpicked.


You can ruin a perfect piece of fruit by putting sugar on it
Why not enjoy the way it comes without a buzz.


I Got so lost in lust the picture
Didn’t even look like us.

I wont let you in my head (4x)
I can't get you out my head (4x)
I cant kiss you you’re to dead. (4x)
You’re so messy I forgive you. (4x)


The way you frown
Always makes me smile
I'm big enough to admit
I'm still a little sadistic child.


Yeah I know what its like to feel like no one likes you
And the only person that you like likes to bite you.


Fight truth with your lies
Dead wrong, living right.


Like who did you blind Just to prove you're sick of sight
I think it might be time to take some time and think it through
If you are me
and I am you then how can we feel new?

I judge you
I make you do things
I need to see
In order for me to learn the lesson I've been trying to teach.


My tongue wont break your scabs
If they don’t touch your teeth
Im not ashamed of being deep in love with your ugly.


Simply put, I wonder if they understand?


When the thunder hit
All the live stock went dead
Pan slept and slept till awake felt second hand.

First things first
I wont let you in my head


I wont let you in my head (4x)
I can't get you out my head (4x)
I cant kiss you you’re to dead. (4x)
You’re so messy I forgive you. (4x)
Track Name: Written + Freestyle=Spontane
TWWF4: Written + Freestyle= Spontane

"Down with nothing to listen to
Umm I'm kissing the room and the bliss you've chosen
Ohh. Tryna' get the point across.
I just wanna know like why, what's wrong?"

Let me get this straight.

You feel guilty for the happiness that you possess,
And assume the rest of the world is massively depressed
So you give in and forfeit your freedom?
All because you feel that something tragic
May soon happen to you and
If it did when you were happy,
You'd be that much more sadder.
You wouldn't be able to frame it as an accident
You would blame it on the traffic and the static,
The bad habits all the attachments, the latch and the trap us
In action potential; it's half of the battle like crash and detected.

Cup full of passion.
Half empty I'm sad but I'm yes
Yes, that's what makes me happy.
Unless I'm trying the best that I can
But it's a distraction like I'm not ready
To make the next step - I'm sweating again.
I'm never man enough to accept what I can
Or cannot change probably because
It's difficult to make sense
Of what cannot be explained.
I envy the enemy's pain and
If I ever have the chance to
Take a stab and enter the center of his brain,
And make a couple loose connections
I know I wouldn't lose sleep or empathy's frame.

When I close my eyes I do not do so to fall asleep
Pseudo only to face the lonely faces that I hate to make believe.
You know it makes me think of how
Every single twist in time
That I've permitted through the eyes
Are printed in the middle of my timid mind
Has had an influence on the way I feel
Or even worse or better yet
The way I see it holds me still accountable.
Always in a hurry to make wonderful use
Out of wasting time.
Fall in love and howl at the moon
I'm afraid I cannot tell you what
it is that you want to hear.
I can only tell you what I'd want to hear
If I were you.

It's funny how in the month of June
I wouldn't think of waking up at noon.
I'm a bumble bee
Honey's what I must consume.
And when it's sunny and the memories of spring are still
Lingering, the sting of last winter shivers sing their way away.
Forgetting me and all the simple things
Are good enough to entertain
My, obsession with what
I've neglected was poked and pinched
adapted, adopted held felt abandoned told it continued
To tell it it's heaven, why?
Melted perspectives together
Now the weather is a reflection,
Re-reflection tinted that is never as good as
I want it to be, since the ending and finish
Beginning it's better, get better
It's better, it's better; yes.
Because I know, then I switch the levels
Of gray matter and with that assumption
Then the gift is nothing and potential is the question.

Devil is so special enough to keep me connected to
Dead ends and resurrected perfection.
The day I was born, behaved like a storm
I strayed from the norm.
Stagger, stale anger eats it's way through the form
Of me that never set sail
And let the anger hit rock bottom slip another slit wrist.
The myth of option is what I miss
When I forget the smell of autumn.
The spell is caught em
Between what I have labelled as a secret tangled
The web that has no weaver.
Angel. Lonely. Frequent.
Feeble, holy infant
Conducting miracles through wires
Transparent exposed to diabolical sequences
That keep the geniuses in all of us locked away.
In hollow Judgement Day that we gave to God
the day that he showed us all his flaws and opened up the door of opportunity
That I opened up my boots and kicked in this and the intentions
Go, go, go, go, go bye-bye in the sky, sky, sky
As far as you can see, pretend you're me
Essentially the best method of communication is
Stained as a memory and it's hard to come by.
As hard as it seems; the star is just a small part of me
Destiny the art of letting go outside
Influence, manipulate and modify
Is partially the numb result of
Strep throat screaming "lullaby"

I felt this sky the second I believed in first impressions
What I have to offer is enough to lug the ugly parts of me
That yell out loud for doctor, I'm not the seed
I'm only awkward
Sigh but I cannot perceive, doctor.

On the layer that makes me want to say another prayer
When I think the thief inside of me, the family tree has been diseased.
Since Adam and Eve created this sick, fantasy inside of a society
I see where all the fingers tied together, why the weather
Has to be the target that I place the blame on.
Makes me think, what I've pointed at for most my life's been pointing back at me,
What I've pointed out for most my life's been pointed back at me, me, me.

Now this search for worth and, what I trick myself into thinking
I find is nothing but to further my belief in worthlessness.
Compromise; at least the little eyes have found a place to sleep at night.
Without bothering me and following me around(round).
The dream I call alright the reach is only mine and
What I teach still borrows lines from wise men
Who never dreamed that we could live this hollow life inside the clouds.

Now, I'm all aroused and I'm all in the disguise
Everything you know is fake, torn in little thorn
Go smell the roses, bathe yourself wait in every deep escape.
Save the moment ache, don't make what you know you shouldn't control
Is lonely when I leave and only, cause I shouldn't.
Phony, hold me bones and cushion - slowly, holy, throne position
Make the simple own confusion
Bliss is mainly no position
The big picture that I miss his plane
Before my eyes, paralyze.
Scared to speak, scared of heights
Prepared to die but
Paradise awaits it and so it sits
Patiently in vacant corners of the most apparent basic form
Of life to taste.
What chase is what we have adapted to
Ask me what I'm asking you
And maybe both you and I can see through
The suicide and laugh at truth.

And then I'm half of you.
And when I take a bath
I remove my mask,
Scrape the past
That's bruised and no, and no
In no way do I create a splash to save the sad.
And you, now I'm made of glass
Only windows see into it
I wish you could see the beauty
Meets the ego at the center of what's you and me.

So now who are way too sick to our opinions
in what's thick as mud
This disgusting method loves to sting like little picnic buds.

We pack materials necessary for survival
Now the simple regret that we carry
Will marry the tribal part of me that buried
Blood, streaming arteries I carried love across the deepest cut,
and nearly swallowed peace.

You follow me?
I'm more than happy that you did, yeah
I'm happy as a kid
I'm happy that you're happy
And that we both laughing
In this wind again
My past attraction to the habits have committed to.
Rinsing you of your sin and
Convincing the tissue within you
To rid you of the path I choose
In each blank dimension that we blindlessly swim thru.
Reminds me of dissapearing acts
That I have ran back into when I was sick
To lose, too quick to pin, pluck stuck to impulse glued
To the window - eyes closed atlast with my chin
No conductors, no remorse.
Empty head, friends and then divorce wars.
Now the end is coming near
But I'm undergoing so much
Pressure that trying to overcome
The weather is friends with my fear
I call for mirrors once in a while
When I'm all numb, in denial,
And dumb as a child
Sucking my thumb
In the aisle of a church pew.
Feeling worthless in a mistake
Surface, after curfew
The inertia of a snail
I search for hail
Solidified thru sunbeams
That magnify the prism that affirms
Like I'm swell enough to pull
The water up
And service the well.

Each person that I serve is like a servant from hell.
Given the oppurtunity to feel alert and in tune with
The potential that they possess, but yes
Certain that they will learn how to fail.
Concerned with who acts best
In flesh is nothing but will make us
Die, now well
How should we try to solve this
Little problem that we have?
Track Name: Empathy Makes Machine (Feat. Carnage)
TWW4N: Empathy Makes Machine

I craft inch round windows
Now my soul's on the wall
Time for the age of the powerful
Maybe in and out
Till a little bit of anger is as pitiful as doubt
And so I'm out

Till I'm dizzy in a way
Then Im bouncing and Im singing and Im happy as a child
Never anti
Just a another living in the moment
Every way that I know how
Without losing everything I’ve ever loved

Sit down this way
Animals show no signs of a what?
Sit down this way
Animals show no sign of a soul.

Yesterday morning came so briefly
It can’t hold me
Ive been leaving
I flow freely
But not now Im a blood clot stuck in the muck some how

Ive been running in circles lately
Trying to get to the point that Im trying to make
I've known for a while that Im not trying to win or finish a race
and Im sick of escaping.

Humpty dumpy sat on the wall
with no fear of heights and no plans to fall
So now I keep the secret in close reach to me
I never knew the door of opportunity would lead
To such a lead pipe infested long live history
Pure breed fog induced disease

See each time there’s a fork in the road
I cut all the corners
And spoon-feed myself excuses that lead to mistakes
And I keep failing to remember
That everyone else feels the same

Empathy makes machine beat on his chest
and feel so powerful. (2x)

Eeny meany miny moe
Catch the liar by his throat
If he hollers don’t you ever let him go
You never knew just who he hurt
Hold him down and make him Say
I'm sorry for taking all your happy thoughts
And acting like prince charming

Make him apologize (2x)

Sing him a lullabye
Anything to help him understand
That he was justifying the wrong that he did
Cuz He thinks Ugly is all that he Is.

Pucker up you sucker duck
You should loved your other sun
You corrupted some of us
and covered up what saved us from torture
Hold him down and tell him he's important
Show him how to smile
And make him say outloud, "Im gorgeous"
Take me for who
I am not for who you wish I was
Don’t take me for granted
Take Care
Take advantage
Take Off
Get me out of here
Don't ever collapse
Leave me be
Help me grow
Don’t ever come back.

Makes machine beat on his chest
and so feel powerful
Everything is so easy
Everything's so easy
Everything is so easy
Everything is so easy, now
Everything is so easy.

I don’t have to play your game
To know you’ve broke the rules

You want me go to insane
And be me to confused
Keep your explanation
Why you make things like they aren’t
Give me red Ill make it yellow
We can call it orange
You told me that wouldn’t rhyme
You’re a liar to a myth
I don’t know why you try to wire storm
pucker up you suckered up
you should have loved your other son
You corrupted some of us and covered up what saved us from torture.

Scratch don’t hesitate none
Cuz when the egg hatches
Meta-states run into a city
Where nothings ever pretty
Just little itty bitty specs of imagery to Pitty
Pictures stacked on top of one another
I never thought I'd pass through history before I was discovered
But I did, so I cant complain
Yesterday morning
Came so briefly.
Track Name: Little Willy
TWW4N: Little Willy

Little Willy liked to ride his bike
He rode his bike Like every day
And every single night.

One day he rode his bike down to the park so he could write
He wound up staying there till dark
He knew his mother wouldn’t mind.

Three hazy shadows came a walking Willy's way
He took a sip of water
Put his journal in his bag.

He stood up to leave

But before he had the chance
There were strangers there to meet,
So Willy made the first advance.

He said
"My name is Willy
What are yours?"

The one in the middle held a bottle
The other two looked warn
Like they were somehow angry at tomorrow's storm

"Well I guess I'll be on my way then."

Willy turned away and prayed
As if he knew deep down that there would be no safe escape.

Before he knew it
His freedom was being raped
Three drunk boys were steady beating on his face.

"You’re Gay"
They screamed
"You're gay,
You’re a faggot,
You’re a bitch,
You think your happy,
Fuck you,
Heres one for your family to look at went you get home."

Willy woke up
Bleeding from his gums
With one eye swollen shut
And his journal laying next to him.

He didn’t understand
He just wanted to know why
But he was way too young to comprehend
What had happened to him.
Track Name: Easy Way Out
TWW4N: Easy Way Out

Did someone call for me
Cause I really need to know (4x)

I went and got a letter from the judge
The other day, it said that I was guilty
For a crime I committed
I didn’t know why there was time
I should pay
But I’d be lying to deny that I did it
I shoulda held her
But instead I killed him
And I’m not violent
But I swear
That If I had to do it again
I wouldn’t think twice of what life I'd spare.

Here we go now time for the prison
As my momma cries her eyes out
I watched my momma
At least for a minute
As she cried her little eyes out
It's alright
I said to her
Everything has to work out
I know what I did was right
Take Care of Jake and Cythnia

I'm a million miles from home
Aint got nowhere to go.
Did someone call for me?
Cause I really need to know... (2x)

I went and wrote a letter
To the judge the other day
I asked her if she ever had any children
Told her it was my baby sister who was raped
And had a suspicion that she still wouldn’t listen
The jury was quick to decide
Witnesses did testify.

I refuse to loose my life
While my momma cries suicide
Isn’t what’s right to appeal
Who will go out on a limb
No money,
And no real meals.
This prison is filled with sin

Prosecution fed more lies
Over my dead body
Under oath
I’ll take nothing less for its my right
To be free

I'm sorry
But its my right to be free (4x)

I'm sorry I took the easy way out
I'm a coward and I bruise easy now you know
It must have been something that I couldn’t help
I'm sorry I toke the easy way
Easy way out.
I’m a million miles from home.
(I'm a million miles from home
aint got nowhere to go.
Did someone call for me?
Cause I really need to know)
Track Name: Leader
TWW4N: Leader

Alright, alright, alright, yeah
My mother told me when I was growing up
That I'd be a Leader
She showed me with her love and trust
I showed her I believed her.

My father told me I was brave
He said I'd be a leader too
He gave me tools to use
And showed me how to build a grateful view.

On her way from work one day
My mother met a (All colors ) man who was first to say
"I really need a ride home"
She said
If that’s all you need, no biggy hop in
We'll be on our way

But before leaving the gas station
The man behind the counter warned her of potential danger
That she just may soon encounter.

She told me she got sad
When that man expressed concern
She said he could sense distortion
Underneath his breathless slur.

Why would I be scared of someone who needs a little help?
I’d be selfish, foolish, dumb to not treat others like myself.
Without thinking I blurted out
Racism perhaps?
She said maybe, all I know is
I'll be praying for the both of them.

My mother told me when I was growing up
I'd be a Leader
She showed me with her love and trust
I showed her I believed her.

She said that there'd be times
When I would give in to temptation
She was right (She was right)

After getting home from work one day
Father was waved down by the neighbor lady
She said, "Steve sorry to be a hassle
But I think my sink is broken
It's flooding the upstairs bathroom"
And without having to think
He said, "sure no problem Helen
I'll be right over"

One hour later, the door propped opened.

I said
"How was your day "
He said, "okay I guess
got up at six, got dressed, worked until 8 then
Helen needed help again"

"Man", I said
"Dad you ever get sick of fixing things for people"
He said, "no fixing things is what keeps me peaceful. "

"Yeah but for free
you should atleast get paid a little"
He said "there is no pricetag you could ever place on being there for people."

My father told me I was brave
Told me I was leader
He gave me tools to use and showed me how to build a grateful view
He said there may be times when I’d act like a coward
He was right
But I still know Im a leader.
Track Name: Finding Good Friends
TWW4N: Finding Good Friends

"Hi, excuse me sir
Hi, yeah
Hi, I'm with University conducting a survey
On what a friend is to someone.
Would you mind participating in our survey?"

"No, not at all."

A friend is someone who's not afraid to tell you
That you’ve hurt their feelings
When you picked on them in front of all your other friends
But then again a friend is someone you can pick on
Knowing that its nothing personal
But just a way to make you laugh.

A friend is that guy or girl
Who wont tell you how to live
But make you question
What your doing with your life
Some friends are black
Some friends are white
All colors are alike to friends
Who understand that judging color isn’t right.

A friend, will share
A friend will care
A good friend will even spare
The last piece of their pie with the corner of their chair.

A friend will cook you soup
Rub your temples when you’re sick, under the weather
Sweating, puking, poopy down
And feeling dirty.

I got a friend who even traded me an eye
When I was scared of going blind
Just so we could see the sky together
And one time a friend of mine even sold his bike
Knowing that I had no money
At the time we walked together.

When I think about it
Friends are hard to come by.
It seems that judgement
Always gets in the way of sunshine
And sunsets seen alone are way too difficult to describe
Especially when you assume things about them.

Assumptions that you make
About someone you think you know
But then you figure out
That they are nothing but a part of you
Projected through a point of view
That you assume as separate
So you think that you’re alone
And then you label it a friendship.

See a true friend is someone that you can use
As a tool to figure out things about yourself
A friend will listen
Truly listen
To whatever it is you’re trying to express
I guess that there is the byproduct of trust
The number one feature of a really good friend.

And yes of course
They’ll be days where you’re both stressed out
And you’ll take out anger on each other.
But it’s okay,
You’ll apologize for the mistakes you made
Make up and be there for one another.

So here we are,
me and you,
What is it we're suppose to do?
I don’t know,
Lets fly a kite,
Lets hitch a ride,
Lets find some food.

What's mine is yours,
I know you too,
Whats mine is yours,
I know me too,
Lets fight a war,
What? Fight a war?
Why not explore?
Alright dude,
sounds cool.


Good friends
aren’t too hard to find. (4x)

So you wanna figure out
If you have real friends
Just ask yourself this question.

If the world was coming to an end
Could you depend on your friends to help you
prevent it from ending?

Good friends
aren’t too hard to find. (9x)
Track Name: Sometimes I Wish You Were Blind
TWW4N: Sometimes I Wish You Were Blind

"Awe no way!"
"What's going on man?"
"What is up dawg?!"

Whats up bro
I haven‘t seen you for quite a long time
What's wrong?
You look so skinny
You look small
You look different

Let me buy you a drink Dawg
What’s new in your life?
Hey, how much money are you making?
Are you doing alright?

Actually I'm doing just fine
Wasn't the last time we seen each other in Junior high?
Cause rumor has it you moved away when accused for breaking crimes
And I really gotta say something
Cause its on my mind
And you just happen to be the one standing in front of me
Concerned with the appearance of my body
So please have a seat
Looks like you're in need of some company.

What I'd like to say
Is that your comment
About my weight
Hit me in the wrong way
And made me think
Why do people go up to people they haven’t seen for a while
And act all amazed when something has changed? like
What did you expect?

And as far as money
I make enough money to put clothes on my back
Food in my tummy
A Cup a coffee a day
And-the rest typically tends to go to gas
I got family and friends
And as far as investments
I'll invest in them

Do you realize how offensive your obsession with skin actually is?
And how it makes others feel inadequate
Like I'm too thick,
Too thin,
Too wide,
Too big
Too small,
Too high
Too Low
Buy clothes,
Get dough,
Feel bad about the fact that you don’t know how to love yourself control.

Sometime I wish you were blind,
Maybe then you wouldn’t spend so much time pointing outside. (2x)

Sometime I wish you were blind,
Maybe then you wouldn’t spend so much time pointing outside. (2x)
Track Name: Is It Right (Feat. Eyedea, Crescent Moon, Impulse)
TWW4N- Is It Right? (Featuring Eyedea, Crescent Moon and Mike Schank)

Hey ladies (2x)

[ Eyedea Verse]

I'm not really dead
This caskets for show
I'm not really alive
I only cry to bring you into my hole
And I will hold you tightly in the name of fucked up
'Till you bite away the staples that connected us

My ribs break every time I get a hug
A billion stars in the sky and I only want to taste one
You're my Jupiter, I'm your junkie
I know your pretty
I can see it in my ugly.
Now I'll put my face down
You can stand on my back.
If I drown
Please know that
I'm happy to see you get where you had to get.

Is it wrong? Is it wrong?
If I still feel
like its wrong
Is it Right?
Jokes on you
Is it wrong? Is it wrong?
I still feel
Is it wrong
Is it Right?
Jokes on you.

[Kristoff Krane verse]

Meet me in the middle where we know each other's pain
And understand the reason that we fight is only cause we feel the same
Angry at each other
We know no ones to blame
We do not need to suffer for what's covered underneath
I care about you too much to abuse true love then lose trust
In what use to touch
But grew immune to using us and getting used
We use it as a crutch
It loses us.
But its beautiful
How we go through the bruises
And see each other change.

Sometimes I get all blue because I wish I knew
How to love you better
Like I've become a letter
That was sent in June
But it didn't make it till mid autumn
Right before the winter took the light away from the smile
That reminds me you are new.

Is it wrong? Is it wrong?
I still feel
like its wrong
Is it Right?
Jokes on you
Is it wrong? Is it wrong?
I still feel like its wrong
Is it Right?
Jokes on you.

[Crescent Moon Verse]

Reap what your hands sow.
Sleep on your land cold.
Take what you must take.
And leave what you can't hold.

Cornered with a paper trail
Bail when nature fails
See the razors
While I'm sipping on sky scraper hail
But a night so stale
And a light so pale I'm walking to it
Gawking foolish
Often stupid
Who is, you to lose it through the bluest eyes she pins me with a thought that's moving by
Drew the line I'm never ending, am I simply losing sight
I, I can't (can't) dance
Dance on wounded lies
Caught a flash back took a back track with sad eyes trippin on suicide ways walking
The highways talking in my sleep
But the talk is always cheap, get's lost under my feet
Summer creeps like a killer still the thunder sky weeps.
Stop to wonder why me.
Hear a hundred cries deep
I push with a little more push
Keep on with a little more keep on
For the jukebox only plays our favorite R&B song
I hope it plays forever
fifty train tickets long
Well it'll die whenever
Whatever, so tell me is it wrong.

Is it wrong? Is it wrong?
I still feel
like its wrong
Is it Right?
Jokes on you
Is it wrong? Is it wrong?
I still feel like its wrong
Is it Right?
Jokes on you.


With the little bit of strength that I still have
Ive been working on a better way to go about my death
And I never took time to take a second look at certain
Instances that left me hurting as a person
I'm witnessing what is better known as perfect
which you cannot see but that's the purpose
Nervous twitches
Ridiculous mischief
I'm so done with this
Let's just break away
Dull the pains
Make it a point to point out mistakes
As long as we can get it to a level where we both understand that I am happy.
I am.
I wouldn't lie, I wouldn't wanna pry
I wouldn't wanna see if I couldn't look you in the eyes
Justify, trust the sky
Seek shelter when it's time to make the clouds cry

Is it wrong? Is it wrong?
I still feel
like its wrong
Is it Right?
Jokes on you
Is it wrong? Is it wrong?
I still feel like its wrong
Is it Right?
Jokes on you.
Track Name: The Phoenix (Feat. Saturday Morning Soundtrack)
TWW4N: The Phoenix (Featuring Saturday Morning Soundtrack: Ecid, Capaciti and Mike Schank)

Moving too long, blood rushed to the head,
when my days work is done,
watch the phoenix rise again. (2x)

[Kristoff Krane verse]

All I want to do is cook everybody kale
And forget I ever sat in jail
When I was young I didn't know who I was
Now I dread getting old, setting goals, knowing I could fail
But oh well,
As long as every day I take a trip down to the well
And make myself available to someone else
No guilt
Hold still
Show me how to love something my doubt won't kill.

Ripe behind the ears with my whole life ahead of me
It's up to me to figure out where I apply my energy
I would have so be naive to believe the vision I have casted
while catching anything for my family to eat
Yet responsibility now paint a perfect picture
And commit to what appears to be reeling me in

Whatever it is I'd like to say I'm sorry
I know I'm partially responsible for what is harming the environment
I can not wait for the day where lion lays with lamb
And scientists can fall asleep without a worry in their head
Without the need to find a cure for a world that's been misled
Because something is too blind to steer-
Ring around the rosey
Pocket full of seeds
I know I should be farming but I'm busy pulling weeds!

Moving too long, blood rushed to the head,
when my days work is done,
watch the phoenix rise again. (2x)
Track Name: This Will Work For Now
TWW4N: This Will Work For Now

When I’m feeling under pressure
And I know I could do better
This will work for now
It could get no worse
But I know it will get better
This will work for now
Feel bad for what I did
Sorry for my sin.
This will work for now.
I gotta give myself credit for the drive and the effort
This will..

I am very disappointed in the way that I decided to Interact with the world that I selfishly create
And I say this only because I need to hold myself accountable to what I claim is all-okay.
When will love finally believe in itself enough to let the images that have imprisoned us free?
Cause until it does-Ill keep giving it my all
And coming up with strategies to help everything that bleeds.
People always tell me that I’m well on my way
I say that’s nice but tomorrow’s compromise is still a war today.

Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not the size of the dog in the fight,
But the size of the fight in the dog when it growls for peace…
It’s here to stay, in fact it never leaves
It’s just sometimes the filter opens ups and lets in the wrong things
I’m afraid today that I lack the courage that it takes
To make a difference and I hope that you don’t feel same.

Under pressure
I know I could do better say
This will work for now
It could get no worse.
But I know it will get better
This will work for now
I really want to practice,
But no passion
This will work now
I gotta Give myself credit for desiring to grow.
This will work for now

Momma’s boy-
Yeah that’s what I am.
Not afraid to admit It
Why should I hold it in?
Ever since I was young, I had the tendency to run,
Dependant on your reassurance, encouragement and hugs.
Practice makes perfect, that makes perfect sense
Still uncertain of my purpose haven’t found my passion yet.

There once was a time where I thought I heard my true calling,
When I got to where I was going I knew it wasn’t for me, so I
Followed my heart, way in over my head
Felt the high inside the moment-that follows the crash.
And so I now accept that every person that I’ve ever met or meet
Will never be worth more or less than me.

Nothings ever cracked up to what I think I see
And a chain is always weak if it believes that it’s the strongest link.
So for now Ill keep believing everything’s okay
And even though I’m lost I know that I’m exactly where I need to be.

Under pressure I know I could do better
This will work for now
It could-get no worse.
But I know it will get better
This will work for now
I really want to practice,
But no passion.
This will work now.
I gotta Give myself credit
For desiring to grow.

Look outside, see something tall and assume that it could walk before it learned to crawl.
Inside I feel small sell myself short but as long as you don’t buy it then I know I’m not alone.
Happiness for someone else when sad is commendable
Cause when I’m sad there’s always room for two down in this hole I am.
I wonder why I covet someone else’s potential instead of realizing what I have to offer is just as important.
Spend less time worrying about whether or not I have wasted it
I’d be more in the moment
Been burned enough to know that even though you tell me not to touch the stove
That it wont stop me from learning that lesson on my own.
I should have listened better…
Instead I spoke too soon,
That’s what I get for trying to fix something instead of holding you.
If I could do it all over I wouldn’t
No hope in regret, slow blow to the head.
Give me the run around.

The mirror became her god
Started entertaining men
In a way she thought would maybe save the ache that wouldn’t end within.
Always trying to chase the beauty she already caught
Completely blinded by light that liked to hide behind her softest spot.
It seems she wasn’t clear enough to see the mirror in me
So now my heart appears to be a theory that my fear defeats.
It worries me to sleep until I can’t
I think about what I could of done different…
Wish I had another chance.

Under pressure I know I could do better
This will work for now
It could-get no worse.
But I know it will get better
This will work for now
This will.
Track Name: Halfull of Empty
TWW4N: Halfull of Empty

No, I don’t think you understand
The eyes you see through now are different than the ones you use to have.
All your loved ones,
The walls, the map you used to make sense of the world you choose
Have changed and they’re not coming back for you.
What you interrupt is the light traveling through
The hole left by the tip of the needle
As if the sky were pricked in June
The images are clear as day
But also grey and scarred
I know its hard to disregard the piece of pain that’s in your heart.

So whether lost or not your caught on top a cosmic web
And it’s only a response to father natures Karmic pledge
And I’d rather starve to death than be poisoned without knowing
Why the good die in love and wind up despising the lonely.

I’m only man. I don’t believe that’s all I am.
But if I tried to explain I know exactly how I’d feel
And so do you
There is no reason to go deeper than we need to
We’re just people filled with hope and bones to bruise.
Your pulse is beautiful, it beats perfectly in time,
To a rhythm that’s been teaching us how to lose our minds
Sooner than later this eclipse will loose its grip
Drift away and shift the picture of what will become of us
It will be that which we have known to be wrong all along..
That which we could sense but never put our finger on.
So for now I'll sing a song when something is missing
Cause I knows I’m doing nothing wrong when I’m simply singing
La la la la la la la la la.

(No, I don't think you understand.)

Everything is empty
Pain doesn’t exist
The fear of suffering is only meant to show me what true beauty is
And I’m a fugitive on the run looking for someone to love and loose again.
And I’m almost done.
I’m always better gone
Too far away for you to touch
I’m always wrong
And you were more than right for giving up
She was drug
Through the dirt and the mud and the hurt and the blood and the truth
That we lost when we were young
But now trained how to live
Self-destruct light another flame to melt in rain again
Death is just another name for life that’s changing forms
But I’ve yet to learn how to die dancing naked in the storm
Let me live I’m otta control
But I’m not afraid to admit that I’m weak
I’ll give it my all
I Know that Ill fall
But nothing can dissolve the image I see
In front of my face
In front of the wall
Inside of us all
It’s all in my head
I know that I'm dead
But I don’t know why
I’ve been fighting to find out what peace is/pieces in me.
to set free.