Kill the Vultures

by Kill the Vultures

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released February 1, 2005

Mixed by Mike Whitney. Mastered by Dave Gardner.
Percussion on track 3 by Graham O'Brien.
Words by Crescent Moon aka Alexei Moon Casselle, Advizer aka Adam Waytz and Nomi aka Mario DeMira.
Beats by Anatomy aka Stephen Lewis.



all rights reserved


F I X Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Lovin' You Dangerous
It’s the Valentine’s Day massacre all over again
Criminal’s dress as cops/ fools fall in love
Reading palindromes backwards getting’ nowhere again
Progress stops feeling stalled- all stuck

Kick my muse in the stomach out of boredom
Maybe to spark something- I don’t know!
Lick my wounds out of hunger, beating on that war drum
As if I ever went to war for you now there’s a good joke

Goodbye I’ve said so many times, I’ll say it again
The hands that braid your hair can’t pull you back like I can
I’ve touched every crush but only been in love once
The type of girl that puts a hurtin’- pulls off a blunt

Lick the clit and satisfy every layer of skin
Dip my dick into the ocean- drown in the wind
Love-making, vibratin’, breaks down the whole building
Copulation breaks these bricks but we can rebuild ‘em

You wear your wounds well/ you’re used to the stitches
From me not confessing/ to crimes I’ve committed
Was caught by your innocence/ wished it was mine
The only victim of a victimless crime

Echoes fade into the night until his walls are silent
There’s no response/ he’s flippin’ furniture, where is she hiding
He’s draining all the earth’s blood and screaming at Poseidon
He hears her fading heart-beat but he don’t know where she’s dying

The sky’s about to fall now/ whole thing’s black and swollen
He knows they planned to jump from where they first met like she told ‘em
He promised her the stars above they stared out to the ocean
She lives behind his eyelids but he can’t see who she’s holding

My laughter comes out crooked/ y’all know that something’s wrong
But y’all don’t want to ask: what could it be?/ you laugh and play along
I sing my song to stones of heart- silence always answers
Sittin’ here with centipedes/ these memories are cancer

Love song, something for the dead to dance to.
Track Name: Hidden Signals
Unclean cages gave us tapeworm
Shouldn't take rape to make and ape learn
Shouldn't take punishment to get response
Discovering fire, homo-sapien burns

Run experiments/ trial and error
More errors than trials/ makes file terror
Torture's law in wild America
Clogged bile in the esophagus area

They dig holes, place dirt in big bowls
Serve it to you with no rigamarole
Keep consuming it, never question it
Messages within hidden signals

Red Lights
I’m thinking that my head might
Only see dead life
Only see red lights

From the fires of L.A. to the towers of New York
To my brothers waging war, it’s the only work offered
Draft me dress me and ship me off to Ceasar
Far off land handing out white flags

Coming back from war/ no kissing in the street
Just like a copper coming fresh off the beat
Good citizen is vigilant/ pockets get picked
Patriot, ignorant, dying for the rich

Right to say what you like, need a permit to gather, man
It's all right to worship Christ as long as you believe in red lights

Track Name: The Vultures
Young divorcees flock like vultures
To where my corpse lay/ subjects are vulgar
They tried to warn me 'bout playing a boulder
And chiseling myself into a sculpture

Ruptured lungs pull chemicals from soda cans
Trying to suck the love back into this older man
So, take my corroded hand/ place it in bare sight
Shut in containers and sealed off air-tight

Gasping for breath/ head on your granite chest
Like hands on my neck/ time bandits got no time left
All of my golden years now viewed as stolen goods
Gray in my growing beard, decay in my swollen foot

Kill the vultures, before they dine on all of us

My heart can't pound like the pow wow drums
Of the prairie lands that I was raised from
Hung and sung with the souls at church ‘fore I put my palm in collection plates

Hands don't work with the dirt of earth/ you can dig my style or strip me bare
Told his child to defend his turf till he never left and he died right there
Need not build no Viking ship/ no fine pine box for a polished stiff
Decompose in the open view so the people will know what we went through

It must have been something I said
Woke up to a twenty on her side of the bed
Flesh wound bleeding, black sand steaming
Red ants feeding/ left for dead

Too late for talking or shoreline walking
The least she could do is put one in my head
I treated her good like a real man would
Gave her my dough and some of my bread

Last look she gave was a circling vulture
The kind that wait till you're dead to insult ya
I'd like to think I could move on like her too
Prob'ly just lay her and become bird food

Track Name: 7-8-9
Time, time, got nothing but time
Nothing but time and a fucked up spine
Nothing but time and a word that don’t rhyme
And a face that don’t blend and a girl that ain’t mine

Night, night, got nothing but night
Nothing but night and an old desk light
Nothing but night and the thought “I just might”
And a head that’s screwed just a little too tight

Smoke, smoke, got nothing but smoke
Nothing but smoke and a knock-knock joke
Nothing but smoke and an officer’s coat
And a letter in the fireplace forgettin’ what you wrote

Cash, cash, got nothing but cash
Nothing but cash and cigarette ash
Nothing but cash for a girl that walks past
If she’s gonna help me fix the itch I can’t scratch

Books, books, got nothing but books
Nothing but pawns and queens and rooks
Nothing but books and quotes that I took
From writer’s that died and snuck me a look

Walls, walls got nothing but walls
Nothing but walls and skin that crawls
Nothing but walls and sweat on my balls
No door, no window, no reason at all

Time, time, got nothing but time
Nothing but time and 7,8,9
Nothing but time and ‘No Vacancy’ signs
Old friends that don’t call/ new friends that don’t mind

Got time I got nothing but time
Got night, I got nothing but night
Got smoke, got nothing but smoke
Got cash, got nothing but cash
Got books, got nothing but books
Got walls, got nothing but walls
Got time, got nothing but time
Got time, got nothing but time
Got time, nothing but time

These dreams are mine/ these dreams you can’t have
These dreams are mine/ these dreams you can’t have

Let’s carve our name in oceans
Let’s write words in the sky
Let’s play with your emotions
Let’s sleep through 4th of July
Track Name: Good Intentions
I speak to children/ we share a bond
I seek not to kill them/ and thereupon
There upon lies the difference between icon and iconoclast

The neon "L" burns out to spell "Mote"
And loose ain't the term for how the hell broke
All we did was tell jokes and play cards
They crushed their prayers; we best say ours

I smell smoke, and where there's smoke
There's dead air in the throat of children cherubs they choked
From cherry red ropes where ceiling bodies have hung
Where I deaded those bent on killing the young

The womb echoes as the empty weather brought water
That now is just a hollow shell that wishes straight for offer
I'm throwing all my earnings from the harvest fields a-burning
That we survive another winter may spring earth be fertile

I bray at rain and braze the sun I equal in abundance
Legitimate is syndicate; pat they fattened stomachs
Carnivorous. Eat/sleep every inch of carcass
And thunder is the only sound of violence among us


As the junkies of New Orleans become beggars of the mountains
And the moons of Costa Rica shine on peasants of the highway
I follow roads their feet have carved and faceless pennies fallen
Your sky that drips with honor on the twisted tracks of night trains

Children point at broken men while parents' venom eyes watch as the
Mayor picks the pockets of the garbage on the sidewalk
The sidewalk leads to dirt roads/ leads to rings of smoke that circle
All the redwoods petrified of being fed to the inferno of your smile

Track Name: Sick Days Are Upon Us
Layers of scalp under manicured nails and a matador stands in his death ballet
Cellos bellow like workers on break, once devout to the catchers of prey
Seasons a day, hunters with tools
King of kings needs to hire a fool

To laugh and smile and wipe his drool
I slit his throat while he slept with his queen
The jester is me, coughs like a creek
Smoking Newport's and drinking the vino

Them days/ woe to the sick
Could sleep through a war and wake when it ends
Make peace with the Lord, the priest and the Pope
The industry stole your ideas and eloped

The mind is simply a terrible thing
Applied to these eyes, born with a squint

We're in the part of the country where the radio buzzes
But we don't turn it off 'cause we fear the sound of nothing
Heat even makes a noise like bugs humming
Rubbing their legs together indicating hunger

It's all around us
Like developing resentment between small-towners
Fall down as quick as you stand
Dehydration, hallucination, Sicker than

A sick man licking his hand
React to the cricks in the thick of the land
Hear the stones sticks shifting again
Like old bones in a rickety man

I said we're all destined for stomach rot
Sugar eats the teeth of crumbs that numb the plot
Of brittle hair hovering over their eyes
That don't see nothing but culture's disguise

I scan the room on a sick day
Looking for objects upon which to fixate

Sick days are upon us now
Sick days are upon us now
Sick days are upon us now
I tried to warn ‘em, teach ‘em even beg ‘em
Now the epidemic is spreading again

I walk with metal pipes for legs/ unsettled life a dread and yellow nights
That bred unleveled types
Bled in rebel fights at bars in ghetto heights
Scars from Stiletto knives/ stars were the devil's eyes

Look at the meadow rise/ making the town flood
Praising the brown mud and praying it drowns us
Fucked from the ground up/ nobody comes 'round
Watch men floating up the river at sundown

Widows hold on to a blood stained sermon
Not ready to give husbands to the fire
Feeding a green corpse to prolong the burden
Lifting the limbs up with pulleys and wires

We're walking dead not given proper burial
Cursing reptiles for the skin they can shed
Packing more bodies than a cemetery holds
Every time that it rains the streets are stained red

Turns my blood into blue ice/ if I don't tell my story, my tomb might
Hounds of Hell with bloodstained tongues/ sound the bells when Sunday comes
Birds fall out the sky and hit hydrants
We only pray to God when we're sick and dying

Everybody looking for the source of the plague
Maybe fleas from the rats or the sores on our hands
We now tell time by the cries in the air
Better off digging up coffins and hiding in there

Dead-bolt locked tight 'cross my door
Hear 'em clawing at the wood/ fingernails on boards
Sick days are upon us now/ dear God please bring the tall winds down
Rid me of a never-ending night of decay
Everything that breeds illness upon this ground
Track Name: Beasts of Burden
Telling stories of a war chief killing with bare hands
To feed his fam with that boar meat
Swore he'd never starve/ follow the herd
Keep the blade sharp and aim for the nerve

I'll burn the world down to keep you cozy
Drown in the deep blue/ curse the old sea
Paint my picture on the corner store
So the crack heads and insects will know what we're dying for

Used to make tapes to court my love
But I broke away 'cause depression hugs me tighter
Scared to shame the name that brought me life
That worked late nights to buy me diapers

I'm a writer that never wrote home
But I phone when I need money 'cause the work's gone
Sell Hell to the Devil/ hustling charm
The tat on my arm keeps me at level

You can pray at the Man's church or fall off the barstool
Stumble home and stare at your picture
When they ask you "so what does your son do?"
Say he mastered cool and works as a drifter

Beasts of burden/ damn them dogs
Eat my flesh and drink my blood

Aqua-boogie on reggae woman with the clean hair
Took me to the water/ cannot say what I seen there
Held me to the bottom/ I floated to the surface
Did not keep that promise/ felt that she hadn't deserved it

Gave her one last amphibious wish:
For me to catch her the prettiest fish
But knowing full well that it don't exist
I baited with the blood from my bony fist

The scent was enough to make a sinner repent
Dinner of flesh/ a sense of feeling inwardly cleansed from
Misdeeds committed against friends
Personal histories revised and resented

Green eyes, platinum blonde, self-defense,
That's a trinity that I beheaded


The arrow in my prey took twelve years to make
And tonight it will be burned in return for what I take
Storm in the heart release poison in the blood
The blood that I cough up is thicker than mud

The guts in my stomach were built by my mother
No brother, no father, no preacher, no other
Color of my face is from your indifference
Monster in my Grandpa diagnosed malignant

The body that they buried had my rocks in his warm hand
Said my final words on the phone in a foreign land
Rifles kept shooting/ every shot made me jump
The sky was so open it carried him up!

I said the arrow in my prey took my whole life to make
Didn't learn from nobody/ just filed the blade
Throw the beast on the fire/ watch the smoke get higher
Been a long time coming/ never felt so mother fucking tired
Track Name: Howl n' Heal
I'm leaning/ sunken in a corner of deep blue
You can't see me, but I see you
See 'em dancing in a circle by the light of the moon
You can try but you can't break through/ what else is new

Run through the rain and fetch me a drink
I've been struck by lightening/ I'm walking the brink
I hear the beat pounding all inside of my bones
I ain't here but I ain't alone/ oh no, no, no!

Don't come 'round, this ain't for you
This is sacred voodoo ritual
You could call us savages/ you might be right
We all freeze when the lightening strikes/ well alright

This is ancestor worship at its purest
Self-hatred at its most butt naked and raw
Manhattan shrinks and witch doctors couldn't prescribe a better cure
Sometimes I feel like Mexican architecture/ pastel yet so demure

They got government officials straight swearing to God
That they could find a more effective cure
But no, it's home made/ it's been in the family for years
It ain't sold at no general store

And now the whole darn human race is holding hands
And dancing in the rain for a cure

Hands clapping/ sage burning/ bare feet dancing
Sweat dripping/ ghosts howling/ heads all rolling
Floor boards squeaking/ arms swinging/ eyes glowing/ dogs barking,
Firewood all sparking
Track Name: Behind These Eyes
Drag my bones along for the ride
I'm anywhere but here/ you're anything but right - gotta roll by
Hold my weathered face to the wind
I'll leave without a trace/ but they'll know where I've been- gotta stay slim

Run my youth down into the ground
From where did they all come and where are they all now - gotta some how
Keep my feet marching to the drum
And lead 'em to the beat that points us to the sun - gotta get on down

To the best that you can dig
See the best of you can leave, and the rest of you can live- oh yes its flesh
To the skeleton and soul
My heart already left, it's in my lover's hold- and I love her so much

I think I might just die
And that's if I don't bust from looking in her eyes - gotta say I ne-
Ver thought that you would've guessed
The ace was up my sleeve, 'cause I work it best - gotta take rest

Why you lookin’ in my eyes
The eyes of a phantom
Why you lookin’ in my eyes
‘Cause now you frozen/ you can’t run

Scum of the earth/ gathered are we
Numb to work we're manufacturing
Assembly line running so smooth
Faster from a wartime economy boost

Move spooky like ghosts who hide in the hookah
Taking shapes of smoke/ dancing ukulele hulas
I knew a friend or two of them that chewed the yucca
Playing jukebox jazz from duke to blues from Pascagoula

Got a screw loose/ better keep the noose tight
I keep on seeing ghouls roam the night upon moonlight
Maybe I'll go join 'em if the mood is right
I'll bruise my only body just to prove that I might

I be gravestone skipping on a lake so placid
Forest fires simmers up to rain so acid
Let it come down to drench a wretch like me
Clenching my teeth for every lecherous deed I sew

Why you lookin’ in my eyes
The eyes of a phantom
I bet you never/ I bet you never
You never seen a corpse so handsome

Shifting through the cold streets/ sniffing with my broke beak
Greedy and I need a feast/ kill me in California please
That way I can say I lead a trail to the open sea
If your hands dig Indian graves let them stories speak to me

At night I rest upon breasts that rise with each breath
I slide away and stalk the graves to find my name etched
Wave to a blank page/ interrogates
Ask me about my faith and what I celebrate, hey

I got Moro blood/ I wear Christian clothes
I'll get in if God laughs at all my stupid jokes
I'm not your class-clown/ I'm hard all around
I've seen bullets go through walls and girls get punched out

I'm not calling bluffs/ I'll met you in the bluffs
Where skinheads and vampires knuckle up rough
Clutch switchin' up on the chrome when you roam
Trust no one except you and Ramón

Trust no one except you and Alexei
Trust no one except you and Steve
Trust no once except you and Adam
Trust no one except Devon and me