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released June 1, 2014

Featuring tracks from:

FIX: www.facebook.com/ftoitox
Kill the Vultures: www.facebook.com/killthevultures
No Bird Sing: www.facebook.com/nobirdsing
Kristoff Krane: www.facebook.com/kristoffkranemusic



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F I X Minneapolis, Minnesota

All Inquiries - ftoitox@gmail.com
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Track Name: No Bird Sing - And War f. Molly Dean
Verse 1
New wave Roanoke fugue state
Few tiny pupil in the belly of the doomsday
Ever seen a paycheck smile
that wasn't cranked like a good ol' boy tape deck dial?
Thought not ‘ Now if you got a problem '
I got a gazillion different ways that you can solve it
Cheapest is the kool-aid ‘ Stolen from mommy and daddy suitcase
Mr. yuk sticker on the gut no matter who say
And a fly jumpsuit too ' Long list of villain done infiltrated the crew
Each got an x next to their name on the page
I mean what did they expect from messing 'round with the plague
Memetic frenetic pace ‘ Indebted kinetic slaves
Infected with clever chains ‘ The nemesis never changes
Ever seen a come down frown ' that wasn't sunk like a uni told 'em take that down now?

10,000 years and all I know is

Verse 2
Test stone kicked over sea cliff
Sky take soul ' Water keep secret
Never seen an apex smile that wasn't wide as the pauses in the countdown
8,9,10, jump
Must've been the shoes ' Two left
Cut loose the customary rouse '
Lucid ‘ Finally ' After a lifetime of dry heaves
driven by the myth that there's some sinister inside me
and yes, I still have a problem
Maybe three or four different ways that I can solve it
Quickest is the soothsaye ' Fresh from a Peruvian jewel case
Untame the wilds of my mind no matter who say
It's my duty as the universe awakened
to be naked unafraid of future pain
that I created in a past I now abstract
into a passionate reaction to the gap in
my perception and the effervescent present
Best ten cent guess
Take my word for it or cheapen it for yourself
Either way is best, but I've never seen a newborn smile
that wasn't worth the pain of labor in the end
Track Name: Kristoff Krane - Picking Flowers Next to Roadkill
PFN2RK - Picking Flowers Next To RoadKill

I sat Cahoots Coffee Shop quarter past seven
Relaxed, he walked up, he said he ran out of gas
I said, what? Said "your stuck well let me help, I’d love to help"

He looked me dead into my eyes and said that he’d do it himself

"Okay, but if I may just take a peek into your car
I’d like to reassure myself that I can truly play a part"

I did, it was as close to empty as I was to giving in
I grabbed my wallet with my left and with my right I reached for his
Wasn’t sure how to feel or exactly what to think
All I could do was take it in and hope and pray
He wouldn’t take advantage of my weakness
Call it that, there is no shame

I feel not bad for being kind, it’s in my nature to regain
That faith I had in human beings right before he beat me up
Drank up all my coffee, grabbed my cash and stole my car
Now who’s to blame for the war
Was the price paid in full
Or did the decisions I make do nothing but support the kill?

Everyone I know is oppressed.
Everyone I know causes pain.
Everyone I know is depressed.
Everyone I know is afraid to stand naked.
Everyone I know I invent.

Picking flowers next to roadkill, hold still
Till the cold chill owns you, no will.
Go build, destroy but you won’t build
No guilt, the choice is the whole feel. (2x)

Cherokee Park, meditating, kicked in the face, I awoke
I was shook, I could finally taste pain
Met the Devil's daughter, she was lost
Claimed she never met her father and resented her mom, codename: God.

"Look at me", I said. She shut her eyes, and said "Okay",
When I opened mine back up, it seemed that she had went away.
I considered accepting the chance that it was meant to be
I was alone the whole time, because she let me be.

Too deep to think it's empty, she actually meant well,
Even though her effort led to Heaven, her head still reflected Hell.
Any stranger from a block away could see her motives were in ruins
But either way, a cry for wolf is still a cry...

Hold the bruise, I try to use the best of both worlds presented
But I typically go overboard, abusing one perspective, a fool.

I was a slave to my habits that indeed create the waves, so you can try to save the planet, but...

Everyone I know is oppressed.
Everyone I know causes pain.
Everyone I know is depressed.
Everyone I know is afraid to stand naked.
Everyone I know, I invent.

Picking Flowers Next to Roadkill, hold still
Till the cold chill owns you, no will
Go build, destroy what you won't build
No guilt, the choice is the whole feel (2x)