Ecce Beast

by Kill the Vultures

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released April 9, 2009

Beats by Anatomy (Stephen Lewis)
Words written and performed by Crescent Moon (Alexei Casselle)
Guitar on Spare Parts by James Everest
Bass on Walk On Water by Liz Draper
Flute on Cherish My Disease by Tasha Baron
Violin on 14th Street Ritual by Wendy Ultan

Mixed by Mike Whitney
Mastered by Tony Dawsey
Artwork and Design by Michael Gaughan



all rights reserved


F I X Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: 14th Street Ritual
Never for a breath of my invisible life
Have I held ‘sacred’
As a ritual through these criminal nights

7th Street February bleeds pitiful sights
Bar-hoppin’ clear over these continual fights
Anything might help a brother in/brother out
Cigarette hangn' like a fishhook in my mouth

Brother can’t walk how he walk when he’s walking down the block
When it’s dark 'cause he look like a suspect!
Give me everything you Got- to get over
Or drink to the straight edge that can’t think sober

If yer guzzling gasoline, pet the machine
Or spread-eagle out in some Arizona ravine
Fire painted on your eyelids instead of your dreams
Well it’s nothing that the Congress Hotel ain’t seen

Working-class-queen wears her hairnet crown
Full of rubies, gold lace, sapphires on down
Pennies in the tip jar make the same sound
As the mop and the dustpan that harmonize now with

Excuses from them useless two-bit clowns
Ain’t nobody laughing at a sad, sad joke
‘Cause a bent spoke ‘round here will keep us all broke
I’ve sat with a pole waitin’ for somethin’ ta bite

But never for a breath
of my invisible life
Have I spoken with venom or ended a sentence with:
“I ain’t the replica that you’re used to doing business with!”

Shuffle the deck I'll give you fifty-two chances
To pull five aces from my hands, quick
I'm only good for a cheap thrill, cashing in refills
Killing my heat bills, or suckin’ on smoke

Runnin’ on free meals to
Conquer these steep hills
Let’s see how between feels
Busted and broke

Rusted and old parts; antennas and bear hearts
Grease for the axel rod and keys to the cattle prod
Slangin’ fish bait on the corner like mix-tapes

With Bow-legged Eddie so faded, can’t get straight
…Six days in car
Don’t know how many more or
where the hell we are

Got them stars in your eyes like a Hollywood doubtful
Dreamin’ ‘bout fame while you get paid by the mouth full
Household of patience, Household of living patient’s
Out go the vagrants, Out cold, you people waitin’ for what?

A pat on the back, a kick in the shins?
A trick or treat with no costume? a Thanksgiving grin?
Drank rooftop gin while New York had no lights
Something ‘bout the red rain ain’t feeling me right

But never for a breath of my invisible life
Have I held ‘sacred’ as a ritual through these criminal nights
Track Name: The Big Sleep
In walks the bellhop snow blind and shell shocked
One step from none left and six ways from cell blocked
The wheel well rots in the pivotal year-Nearly fell off
Your fears fall deaf on the criminal ear

Subliminal steer of static sounds clear
Now turn it louder than the panic ‘round here
Plastic frown smeared on the presidential portrait
It represents the portion of those hesitant to worship

Blue and red lights scream louder than the sirens
Cower in the silence or be showered in the violence
Sour from the time spent counting fallen angels
They ain’t dead, just tangled in the web wit all ‘em strangled

Damn right the freaks come out at first faded light
So hit me with your high beams or get out of my sight
Apologies were stricken from the record ‘cause the quality was measured
Peep the tall obscene that falls between the letters


We're Bathed in a haze of the opiates we crave
Save us from ourselves and our appropriated ways
God bless the chemical rain

I’m praying for the big sleep to lay me down easy
Swing low, sing sweetly
No pulse, pale eyes, can’t reach me

With blurred vision, mouth full of fire, slurred diction
Muffled sounds coming out the trunk via curb kissing
Earth-splittin' bass shakes the neighbors awake
You hear them car alarms barking like they been through an earthquake

Go chase the demons to the riverbank
Baptize ‘em til they stop movin/ it’s either swim or sank
I seen a shimmer faint glimmer of light
But that was way back when and now its only the night


I swear that they talkin’ ‘bout me/ I hear them voices
From the next room over/ good thing I ain’t sober
Throw that chain lock on the door turn off them lights
And pray to god that you stay outta mind, outta sight

Radiator from hell shaking, spittin’ up steam
Drunk cops on the rooftop blowing shots at the stream
Caught in between the crosshairs and walking the plank
And now I’m lost in the haze of the fog of the dream

A single white rose slides under the door
And we both bolt lightening while it thunders and pours
Hunger for more, its empty and you wonder what for
Number the war and figure you can’t comfort a whore

Dirty kitchen floor epiphany, no color included
The others abused it specifically so love it or loot it
Suffer the music/ interrogation room with a view
Sit quiet while we figure out a new day of ruthless
Track Name: Spare Parts
On the banks of the river, where its rank make you shiver
When you see what washes up, another unidentified figure
Go figure that n’ slither back,To where the
Hell that you came from then try to picture blacked out backgrounds
Stackhouse burned down/ Turn ‘round
Daddy needs a new pair of shoes and a new paramedic for this bruise,
scared pathetic from the news
Who’s that looking in my mirror/ close your eyes, hold your breath and
he won’t hear ya
The dead take a few steps nearer to the animated afterlife
They bled their sacrifice while alley cats round up scraps of dead
rats n’ pass the dice; disaster strikes
Have a nice never no more/ tonight’s the night the light severs cold wars
Like staletto’s so pure

Two night, three days
No dirt, they told me that dirt pays

Rollin’ with a stolen cart hold my cards heavy cause I know them
sharks in the oceans dark
Waiting for some fresh meat to pull apart
Watching the souls depart from the old folks home to children on the
boulevard, nothing but new bones to scar/ Face down, they race ‘round
the playground like greyhounds
How you keep ‘em safe and sound? The day drowns in bullet spray sounds/

Walking on needles, pins, syringe for the ego’s end/
You don’t need no friends/ I watch evil sins blend with the people’s trends/
The heat rolls in, ain’t a goddamn thing you can do about once it get
in/ better make it your best friend

You rock a shit-eating grin
Now what’s so funny ‘bout a man that gotta choose between what’s right
and money? Go hug tight your honey/ up-right and grumpy
Bloodtype is touchy nocturnal up nights avoid sunlight I’m hungry so I’m hunting

One thing done led to a big
Brickwall fuck a pitfall how’m I gonna get stuck and sit stalled with
nothing but a rickshaw
Five wooden nickels in my tip jar
They throw me change for banging on a guitar while rollin’ by in big cars/
they must think that its hard/ But its no harder than
rats chasin’ cheddar with go getter’s who know better n’ roll clever
go stroke the gold lever

Might hit the jackpot but
Most likely I’m a see you back on the blacktop thinking you never seen
a sweeter thing than asphalt/

That’s all fine
If you don’t mind walking a line between visionary and blind man
holding up signs
That’s not the wind blowin’ you down
And out, you down the line/ you bound to find what they diggin’ out
down in the mines

Come rain, come shine, come hell or highwater
I think I oughta but they tell me why bother/ might find me when the
tide wash up

Can’t think straight
Walk with a heavy heavy heart
Broke with the same old spare parts
Track Name: Walk On Water
Reverend Revivalist pulls ‘em out they mishaps
As long as the bridle fits you’re sure to hear the whip crack
Thank the lepers with colonial feathers
Tell Sharp Knife Jackson the winter got weathered

Never walk with the lost folks that talk to the air
With machines to their ears; but really, nobody’s there
Keep your John Hancock off faulty peace treaties
Many Colonel Chivington’s who like to Harry Houdini

Off the record, your old man’s running on static
Sometimes my flesh just lets the chemicals have at it
You wouldn’t believe waters that your people have walked
Some sank, some drank the dark oceans they crossed

It is not our nature to nurture the vapors
Of a savior who promises land for our labor
Put your best foot forward when you walk across the border
Either came 'cause voices told you to or 'cause you flipped a quarter

Landed heads-up/ hit the highway, the holy ribbon
Only given is the dead trucks littered with lonely women
Smokey vision blurs-tears come/ shaking me something fearsome
Reminds me of another life when I was twenty years young

Peering out Venetian blinds/ don't let me be the crime
If I don't see it, fine/ I'll lean behind a drug store peace of mind
Man, they don't know you from a South Dakota landscape
Bulletproof glass and intercoms separate that handshake

Can't escape a drifter's dust is his to carry
'bituary columns nothing but a rustic vision buried
Military tags in medicine bags hold the offering
The doctor brings amphetamine drags to slow you properly

I’ll tell my children they can walk on water
Our folks are all walking on fire for fire water
I’ll tell my children they can walk on water
Smooth-talkers always tend to lead the lamb to the slaughter

I’ll tell my children they can walk on water
Our folks are all walking on fire for fire water
I’ll tell my children they can walk on water
Watch the hand they keep hidden when they’re making an offer

Now the triggermen tally roman numeral marks
While the bagpipes blow, police funerals march
But its just another story from the cold observatory
Heard the prisoner bangin' rocks produced a beautiful spark

Track Name: Rock Bottomless
It was a real butcher job how they opened up my flesh
And removed anything that moved in my chest
At best the surgery was just an educated guess
Segregated text documented regulated mess

Classroom watched as they peeled back my stab wounds
Under fire light, Spanish moss and a black moon
A half-hearted-healer sold me patience for a penny
I was not in the right state to be in this city

Whoever wrote the chapter on the digital disaster
Must’ve smoked up something deadly from the dark side of the pasture
Its captured, its cornered don’t feed it or face it forward
Just keep promising tomorrow while today is last weeks order

Feel the fakeness slide through you like drive-thru food do you
Yeah I watched it choke, man, I watched it croak what’s it to you?
Speak up! My ear’s peaked/ What you got to fear these
Days are full of gear grease peddlers and low end theories

Rock, rock on to rock bottomless
Gangrene metropolis, Mainstream anonymous
Rock, rock on to rock bottomless
Empty out your pockets quick and tell me what the problem is
Rock, rock on to rock bottomless
Just cuz they talk that shit don’t mean you have to swallow it

Extra, extra, the headline will cost you extra
Truth costs even more cheddar; arm, leg, et cetera, et cetera
Next up the rest of the festival of freaks
Hear Capitol Hill confessions from a vegetable that speaks

Trade your still-beating heart for a pill-eating mule
Then thank the academy for forty acres and a pool
Rise above, look out below when its time to flood
Don’t try to hide the cuts now that the stars are lining up

Boy these times are rough! Got rich men singing the blues
In front of sold out stadium concerts full of the billionaires they blew
Who knew that the day you agreed to eat a quarter-
It’d rattle like a BB in a tin can and your eyes would roll back out of order

Stagger; fall back; fade to black in the corner
The day you sell the former the darkness will be waiting for ya
California breathes gold dust as she slips into unconsciousness
Exhaling fallen idols faster than she finds a god to kiss

Track Name: Cherish My Disease
Signal to the brain interrupted; stutter, pull yourself together
Flutter in my eye from the burning sky; toxins can’t be measured
Watch what I say ‘round who ‘round here ‘cause nope, no you
Never know intentions of the faceless, wasted replacements

I celebrate another day spent hunting footprints on the pavement
Leading to the caves where the slaves went grabbed sharp rocks and engraved it
Thank god that somebody saved it to pass it on to generation XY the
fuck flex muscles
Underdeveloped and immature see the chest swell up

Tell 'em I’m all gone no good to you now cash your chips and be out
Read the sign all wrong lit a smoke at the bar they started pushing me out
No wonder got storm clouds the people been warned now but they was never
Told how, and we was never listening- oh child didn’t mama tell you ‘bout the

Day when you’d have to man the fuck up stop being a punk what, what was that
Spit it up or give it up forever hold your peace; do yourself a favor and
Release cancerous teeth cramping your reach
Keep ‘em spinning in their graves, tell ‘em

Cherish my disease/ who’s first to be the last of a dying breed

If thunder had no name you’d know it just the same ‘cause fear is in your veins
And a thorn is in your side and a cramp is in your brain
‘Cause now you can’t decide
Whether to wrong your rights from the longest night

Play it honest, right? Place it on your life
See no evil? Yes, evil do I see, hear, smell, taste, touch
Coming from my own people? Yes, justice locked away until the gates rust
But ’til they place us where wild things bust and we buried face up

I’m keep digging my way my way up out the dirt up out the hurt
About to burst with a thousand words on the tip of my tongue and a song unsung
Hero living out a shopping cart wouldn’t be so bad if you ain’t mock him hard
Shed dead skin I’m a shed dead skin I’m a shed dead skin
In the red west winds where you go to scatter ashes and you end up
scattered past it

Without that glimmer in your eye , without that limp in your step
Without that blemish on your pride, without that whiskey on your breath
I count steps from my government options/ Black suits, red ink, white ties
Brown bags speak louder than the toxins, I’ll take my chances with a
one-sided die

Sunset smeared on my unchecked fears now my blood sweats tears
That’s one less gear that my brain gotta grind
And one less problem on my mind

Track Name: Crow Feathers
Something stinks to high heaven- goodbye Reverend
Check my weapon, it’s 9-11 side-steppin’
Five less than seven still believe that they were destined
That’s two too many for the million dollar question

Make sure I’m strapped in with God as my captain
Co-pilot's just a parachute with a brass pin
Tailspin convinces me its the pale end
My own spine sayin' go 'head and bail then

Somehow the payphone caught me on the way home
And all the stray souls called me every name known
Allow the stranglehold on me, what your brain froze?
Tryin' to keep the fire warm which ever way the flame blows

Surveillance cameras only seen blurry images
Clean get aways/ dirty witnesses
Strobe light flashing in your living room the whole night
Hold tight, I hear the ride down isn't so nice

I'm just around the bend
With crow feathers in the wind
Hear the howling hounds begin
There's no measure to the end

Push button ignite, all systems go
Exhaust out the tailpipe, motor oil in snow
Lurch through the cold city blocks while they sleep
Steam out the sewer grates; ghosts in the street

Wires rattle with electrical tape straddled
Nest under the hood built with twigs, leaves and gravel
Hard-headed asshole on my right waving his gavel
Cursing ‘bout the miles traveled under his saddle

Steel-toed stepper rainwalkin’ out his coffin
Talkin’ his brains out to whoever acknowledge him
Claims he owns Austin but he’s never left Boston
Been known to crucify any crunk creep that cross him

Scewface outlined his territory with blue tape
Built a brickwall around 52 new states
Rattle the rattlesnakes and poison the fire
We go fishing in dead lakes with lead on a wire

Casino robbed you blind with a smile for your industry
You don't remember last night, past lives run vividly
Flash flood left you with a body full of bad blood
Now the rides are shut down and all the tents are packed up

Black light bulb in my flash light skull
Past life shimmers in a jack knife dull
Unsatisfied, scan the room with rapid eyes
Zombie in a rec room now call me back to life

Track Name: Searchlights and Suspects
Manic mind state pills feed panic crime rate kills
Eyes dilate; planet vibrates ‘n sits still
Why wait till the thumbs up green light?
Dumbstruck, don’t seem right
Still tryin’ to get they dump truck unstuck each night

Cheap life, sex sells half price damaged goods; beat wife
Three strikes; caught you one mo ‘gain with that peace pipe; sleep tight
Dirt bags are we; had me hooked from the first drag; I’m free
Sold my birth tags now I curse at the street; lurk past the scene

Work fast as thieves; bloodhounds turned loose after me
Heard the news didn’t know which words to use; stashed the key
Gravity shakes now/ broke loose, atrophy breakdown
Point at what ain’t there/ blank stare, passively make rounds

7 mile pile-up; sitting ducks single-file; Stuck
Car wreck; scarred flesh; the hard rest has defiled us
Garbage in the wild dust blowing halo’s round these angels
Harvest moon plays us all like puppets ‘fore the day folds

Brain doesn’t work right/ trust what my gut says
Sleep every third night/ search lights and suspects
Our hands have earned stripes/ ‘X’s’ marked blood red
Bonfires burn bright/ search lights and suspects

Second hand smoke corrodes the minute hand stroke
Congested and broke/ orphans pray while the timid man chokes
Mildew fills through black lungs/ shilouette still moves where the hats hung
Tenants don’t last long here/ they all live amongst the last ones

Marie tiptoes through the windows/ nightgown and oil lamp
Tempting all the widows with symbols of the tinfoil tramps
Suicide kings movin’ by/ even the bluest eye blinks
Who am I? Thinks the fool/ wise man takes a drink in his stool and sinks

My photographs are figures framed and fading
I figure fame is waiting center stage where they got niggers chained, parading
The liquor stains the painting/ old maids faint, arms flailing
Look in the cage, winter fades/ Our daydreams are derailing

The train goes sailing past with gray ghosts scaling back
They feed the furnace hellfire/ well wired boxcars trailing last
Reminds when the church bells first fell in the nursery
The earth swelled/ heard yells then silence was our virgin piece


Stuck with a stiff hand ‘bout to fold in the face of the devil waist
deep in the quicksand
Hit me with a proposition said I got to listen/ I’m a let you live and
throw in a pot to piss in
Ain’t a damn thing free what you want from me/ I already know it sure
as hell ain’t gonna be cheap
Track Name: Heat of the Night
In the heat of the night grown men flee to the light
Sundial runs wild, six degrees of its life
Let's agree that I'm right/ wrong turns came with believing the hype
Breathe in the spite/ we are not welcome to the evening tonight

A season of flight proceeded sparrows in the park
Survival's as narrow as the art of placing arrows in the heart
Scarecrow needs a spark so you can watch him burn for miles
The beggar learned to smile but now he only turns a dial

Lurching down the aisle comes the hearse with persons filed
Spirits cast their bones at the lonely mercantile
The holy serpent child smudges ashes 'tween their eyes
Savage leaves their cries as unraveling arrives

Someone yelled 'drop'/ All you heard was police cars sing
The moon is full/ the night is starving
Pulse of the city spits fire but the arteries are hardening
The moon is full/ the night is starving
Walls come tumbling down from the rebels in the street marching
The moon is full/ the night is starving
Pride plays a lullaby on broken guitar strings
The moon is full/ the night is starving

Hanging next to the sneakers on the telephone wires
Live the "come over tonight" preachers and the "leave me the hell alone" choir
Expel the known prior and expect the worst, probably
I'd sell my soul higher but at best the curse caught me

Accept the first offering/ it's a sign of things to come
The vinyl's pleased it spun but in the final scene, we're sunk
Sideshow freaks become masters of ceremony
The chief's been bound and gagged and the pastor wears a nosebleed

Disaster shares a trophy with the actor staring lonely
Blackbirds rain like laughter, here's the password/ there, you know me
Ghost dancers in the storm with hands in heaven
Bullets pierced their flesh but the spilt blood planted legends

Got them red-state blues with black hills under my heels
Forty-nine stars salute one fallen sky concealed
A little white lie got some black face in its eye
Now it crawls and it castrates in that rat race in the sky

Track Name: Burnt Offering
I got a bag full of bones; not a single one honest
Polished 'em, bleached 'em, blessed ‘em with ivory crosses
Must be nauseous from drinkin' silver mercury
Dirty as a scalpel after drug store surgery

Parasite leechin’ off a good thing going
Sent my condolence to the widow while the barrel’s still smokin’
Blood stream rank as the bathtub whiskey that was
Kept in the flask of your favorite father

That sounds great now make me another offer
With your head hung, arms stretched high in the Jesus posture
Freezer locker burn, burn, for the needle doctor
People taught ya more shame than the evil offers

Born under a bad sign begun
Talkin' under my breath, living under the gun
Lookin' over my back with metal under my tongue
Tryin' to outrun the hour hand until the clock reads none

You burned my past; I’ll burn you last

Under the sky an ice cold colorless eye
Peers into our windows as we wonder the why
Try your best to stay dry in a tumblin' tide
These are troubling times, no wonder you hunger the high

Bent as a question mark, hoover, dressed in dark
Add lab rats and laugh tracks as soon as the confession starts
Scared as hell? Then climb off the carousel
Didn't want to let go and didn't have no where to fell

Ring them bells and save your savior,
Neighbors raped your sacred acres, replaced with skyscrapers
Fly paper on the ceiling catches holy tongues
Ease off the opium son or there won't be none

Get it all up out the cracks between your vertebrae
Before you sulkin', turned away without a single word to say
So who cut the brake line, I'm gonna take
Time just to find 'em while there's still another curse to place


Regret holds me tight its only right
Spent another lonely night with Jack Daniels and his trophy wife
Roll these dice, you only live twice
But you need lucky thirteen to shake away your poltergeist

Here's a sober sight for you to analyze overnight
Keep your mouth closed and your composure tight
Don't even let a single bead of sweat drop
Or its back to the pet shop, probably where you're best off

Live from the boiler room, straight from the gut
With a glimmer in my eye and some salt in the cut
With a thorn in my side and a limp in my strut
I barely have to make 'em cry before they're giving it up